Super Scrabble Reviews

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Super Scrabble

  • Larger game board, extra spaces.
  • Twice the tiles in an all new letter distribution
  • History booklet
  • Drawstring letter storage bag for wooden tiles

Everyone loves the timeless gameplay of Scrabble. Now, with Super Scrabble, you’ll be able to add to your fun with more tiles, more spaces and more scoring.You’ll find 200 wooden letter tiles, comprising a unique letter distribution, that permits you to make words not possible in regular gameplay (without using the blanks). The Super Scrabble gameboard has nearly twice the amount of spaces of a standard board (441 spaces compared to 225). The added room allows your words to spread further and fa

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List Price: $ 36.99

Price: $ 19.50

1: Cheapest Scrabble 4391

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1: Cheapest Scrabble 4391


Cheapest Scrabble 4391


Cheapest Scrabble 4391
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Love the game. It was “THE” game to play Kwanzaa week by friends and family. Got pretty competitive “slammin” the cards. Purchased more for gifts.


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CheapestScrabble Slam Deluxe Card Game

Fun word game

If you enjoy word games, you will like this. We modified the rules a little so our special needs daughter can enjoy it too. Not sure paying the deluxe version price is worth it. Seems like alot to pay for a plastic tray that just keeps the cards in place.

Scrabble Slam Game

This is a fun game. I believe you need to be able to spell at least 4 letter words to play. We had 3 people and the game moves very quickly. It is fun and somewhat educational.

CheapScrabble Slam Deluxe Card Game

Love it!

I love this game. Being a scrabble fan, this game is easy and quicker than a board game. Probably wouldn’t have purchased the Deluxe version. The only difference is a holder for the four cards versus laying them down on the table. Received this product much sooner than I thought.Scrabble on Speed

I find the game stimulating and so different from other games I’ve played. I am most skilled verbally (but math scares the hell out of me), and this game is a challenge because it is played with only 4 letter words, so vocabulary is not of much concern. I like it for me as an elder citizen (62 y/o) because I feel it keeps me verbally alert at an important time in my life to do that. I like it a lot because I can play with my friends and my 5 & 6 year old great-nieces. Also, it is very compact and can easily be played on a plane or in a car, etc. Anyone can play and most everyone will enjoy its fast paced structure, ease for all ages, and super-easy to take it along when traveling. Plus, it will keep the kids occupied, adults can play with kids, and it will keep adults occupied as time flies by! Even though I have good verbal skills, I am not the winner in at least 3/4 of the games I play. I can write, I know words, and think/speak well “on my feet,” but I am just not as fast as many others! They love that!! 

another topic: 
One of my friends and I play regular Scrabble just about every time she can get here or I can to her home (we live over 25 miles apart) and we started keeping count, and use a steno pad for keeping record of each game. We are up to #125. We had many more games before we started this steno pad, keeping the pages numbered. Some might say we’re a bit obsessive/compulsive but we just keep on playing. Both of us experience what we call “Jonesing” for a game after about 4 days without playing!

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Scrabble Folio Edition

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Scrabble Folio Edition

  • Scrabble Folio is the crossword game you can play anywhere and take everywhere
  • Features snap-in tiles and easy storage so you can stop play and resume later
  • This Scrabble game travels in first-class style in its all-inclusive soft-sided zipper case
  • It is easy to play, easy to put away and a snap to pack
  • The snap-in tiles and folding gameboard allow you to pack up in the middle of a game without disturbing words already played

Scrabble Folio Edition features a classy nylon zip-up case with snap-in tile racks, a folding game tray and nap-in letter tiles in a cloth pouch. Tote and play anywhere, anytime.

Rating: (out of 101 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 18.90

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Scrabble on iPad

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Scrabble for iPad

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Try These Scrabble House Rules

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Try These Scrabble House Rules

Any family with a Scrabble tradition has doubtless developed their own set of house rules, particularly if that household includes children requiring modifications. House rules can make play more interesting and lively, place an emphasis on learning rather than competition, or simply be used to speed the game up. Below, are some common house rules I’ve heard about or used at home. Each rule adds its own twist to the game. I welcome you to try them!

Eternal Bonus Squares: I was raised on this one. What was my disappointment when I found out at a friend’s house that the rules killed the efficacy of the bonus square once it was covered! By deeming them “eternal,” meaning they remain in force and count every time the word is added to, each move becomes more rewarding than the first. Scores soar into the hundreds. Egos inflate. The skillful player must try to make words that can’t be added to, at least when covering a bonus square.

Blank Tile Substitution: This rule keeps the blank tiles in constant circulation. For instance, if someone uses a blank on the board in place of a T, and you later wind up with a T on your rack, you can substitute the real letter and re-use the blank. This is really nice toward the end of the game when everyone is down to the nubs, letter-wise.

Allowable Dictionary Use/Broadening the Word Base: To give the game more educational significance, we’ve sometimes allowed players to browse the dictionary when it wasn’t their turns. This rule is especially helpful for children or beginners, whose vocabulary base may still be limited. If playing against more seasoned opponents, the use of a dictionary, along with offering free challenges, can even the playing field. When my sister and I were learning German we purchased a German Scrabble set and mixed it in with the English letters. Words from either language were allowed. Since letters have varying degrees of usage in different languages the point value and letter distribution will vary among foreign sets. This made our game even more interesting. Scrabble sets can be purchased on the internet in many different languages.

Free Trades: Allowing free trades of the following combinations reduces the element of luck, and can make the game more fun.

Two pair

Three of the same letter

Six vowels

Six consonants

Of course, the blank tile can not be used to substitute for any letter in a trade. Y can be used as a vowel or a consonant, to the player’s advantage. Only one trade is allowed per turn, although your tiles may be rejected if it restores one of the above conditions to your rack.

Take Two: This last suggestion isn’t so much a house rule, but an alternative game which can be played using Scrabble tiles. The number of players is unlimited, and can be practiced alone, or played in a large group. The more players, the faster the game will go. To play, turn all the tiles face down in the middle of the table. Each player draws seven tiles, turning them over in front of him or her. Laying letters in words across and down, players attempt to connect all their letters. The first player to do so calls out, “Take two!” and everyone draws two more tiles. The game continues until the tiles run out. The winner is the first player to use all his of her tiles. The value of unused tiles is counted and a negative score is recorded. (The winner scores a perfect zero.) This game may be played in successive rounds if a longer version is desired.

About the Author:

Emma Snow works a pragmatic puzzler at the Puzzle Place and Chess Strategies leading puzzle portals.

Vlog: Concert, Books, Movies, Routine Videos, and Words with Friends!! :)

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Words without Friends

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My final project for my Participatory Medias class.

Scrabulous Shut Down

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The popular online Scrabble imitation was shut down after its creators failed to reach an agreement with game maker, Hasbro. Maggie Rodriguez talks to CNET’s Natali Del Conte about the story.

Video Rating: 3 / 5

Free and Fun Ipod Touch game! Words With Friends

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Really, really fun game on the Ipod touch, Iphone, and soon, the Ipad. Basically it’s scrabble over the internet. Add me, let’s play!!

Apple – iPad – SCRABBLE

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SCRABBLE Its the same board you know and love on the big iPad screen. But with iPad technology, SCRABBLE becomes a whole new game. Shake to shuffle tiles. Touch to zoom in and out on the board. And drag and drop to lay down letters. All you have to do is put words together — and iPad even helps you do that by giving you a hint for the best word. Play the way you want with customizable game rules and multiple difficulty levels. And follow your progress with game and score stats tracking. Visit SCRABBLE on the App Store