Is there a Scrabble game on Facebook that allows users from different countries to play together?

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Question by frenchhcosurfer: Is there a Scrabble game on Facebook that allows users from different countries to play together?

I have a friend that lives in Uruguay, and I live in a different country. Is there an app on Facebook that would allow both of us to use Scrabble?

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Answer by .:Sexeh Sariah:.
Make one!

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Does anyone know how I can play Words With Friends on my computer?

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Question by Carol.M: Does anyone know how I can play Words With Friends on my computer?

My friend and some girls during school play words with friends all the time. and once i played it i got hooked. I would take my friends itouches to play it for a bit. But, since i dont have an itouch or an iphone i still want to play it! Is there a way i can play it on the computer or something?

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Answer by Jw0ng
Looks like there isnt a way to play words with friends on PC. Your going to have to buy an iphone or some other ipod product

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Brainpower Games Anyone Can Play

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Brainpower Games Anyone Can Play

Brainpower games are those games which exercise your mental capacity. My personal favorite is Chess, but there are many others, some of which you probably already play or have played. Here is a look at a few of the more common ones and how they may help your mind.

Crossword Puzzles

For many years people have noticed that older folks who regularly did crosswords seemed to stay mentally sharper as they aged, compared to those who didn’t exercise their brains in similar ways. Recent research has supported this idea. As a mental exercise, one of the primary advantages of doing crossword puzzles is that it’s a brainpower game you can play by yourself.


Historically THE thinker’s game, chess is not – contrary to what many think – just a left-brain analytical contest. Playing well requires both hemispheres of the brain. Your left-brain will be analyzing possible moves and predicting responses of your opponent. Your right brain will be grasping the spatial relationships on the board and providing an intuitive grasp of good positioning. An interesting note: many top players are also musically talented, and handling music is right hemisphere function in most people.


You may think that this classic word game is all about vocabulary, and it can really help you learn a lot of new words, especially if you play with an open-dictionary rule. But to really play well, you have to learn strategy. You have to figure out where to place your words, and how to make multiple words in one play. A good understanding of how to score the most points on each turn can make you a better player than an opponent with a larger vocabulary.


Sudoku has recently become very popular, with the puzzle books appearing in most bookstores now, and even at grocery-store check-out displays. Though it’s all about numbers, it isn’t really about math skills as much as it is about deductive reasoning. Like crossword puzzles, it also has the advantage of being a one-person activity, and a small book of these puzzles can be carried with you anywhere.


Whether played for money or just chips, poker is one of the best of the brainpower games because it requires so many different kinds of mental skills. You need to understand probabilities and how to analyze a hand in relation to all the other information you have. You need to be observant to gather that information from the players around you. Learning to “read” other players is a big part of the game too. Poker is directly useful in training you for real life decision making, because it develops your intuitive grasp of what a “good bet” consists of.


While not as popular as it used to be, you can still buy a Boggle game in many department stores. It is a word game based on observation and fast thinking more than vocabulary. Attempting to quickly find words in the letters is great for training your mind to look for patterns. Once you notice an “s” for example, you can look at every noun thereafter to see if the “s” can be connected to it to create another word and more points. It is a vocabulary game in part, but decent pattern recognition skills are the best advantage you can have.

Some Other Brainpower Games

The game of dominoes can be very analytical if you play it well. Card games like gin rummy are good for developing pattern-recognition abilities. The classic board game, Monopoly, or the pricier “Cash Flow” game by Robert Kiyosaki, are both good brainpower games, as well as being good for learning real estate investing principles and habits.

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People Who Play Word Games

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People Who Play Word Games

- By Lance Hemenway

They’re almost everywhere. Hiding within small libraries, or huddled in the dark—frightened of the daylight. -People who play word games; the rare and talented individual who actually delights in the flirtation between language and entertainment. But who are these bizarre people? Why do they play these word oriented games? And are the rest of us in any real danger?

Word games have existed for a long time. Looking for words and phrases in a series of mixed up letters has been with us since civilizations have been able to put pen to papyrus. Anagrams, palindromes, lexigrams, and puns have all found their way into our lives at one time or another. People like being able to engage their minds while being entertained. Of course, there are some people who prefer not to be bothered with “Intellectual stimulation” during their entertainment. -And those people watch “Cops.”

For some time, games like Boggle, or Scrabble, did seem to disappear into the distant haze of our early childhood memories. And it was true, that during the immense growth spurt of the video game industry, puzzle games, in general, officially lost favor with the public nation wide. But in the last few years, with the growing amount of imported board games from countries like Germany, board games have been through a renaissance of sorts. Sales of board games in general, and more specifically, word games, have increased dramatically.

In regards to online gaming, the situation is similar. Downloadable games continue to find their way into almost every household. And it is in this respect that word games have really found their niche. Computer gamers have spent thousands of their free hours online stimulating their little brains till their heart’s content.

For example, the game “Love Letters,” a new title available on Jenkat Games. ( The game combines the flavor of Scrabble with the framework of your typical video game experience. Released just in time for Valentine’s Day, Love letters allows players to search about in a box of candy hearts, searching for the proper letters to spell words provided them on a list. The farther you proceed, the more words you have to assemble.

Word games are staging a bit of a comeback. And in many ways, they never lost favor at all. Many people have discovered that word games have increased their ability to focus, and concentrate for longer periods of time. Gamers have shown their love for word games in all of its various forms, while game manufactures attempt to feed the growing demand. Word games are not only a big part of gaming as a whole, they are a growing part of video-gaming as well. And that fact doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

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Game Basics: How To Play Word Games

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by mrjoro

Game Basics: How To Play Word Games

Word games are an exciting venue for gamers with potentially endless possibilities when it comes to providing you with an intellectual outlet for having fun. When looking for a fun word-based game that thrives on challenging the creativity of its players, you will find that games such as, Scrabble have come to be known as one of the smartest word type board games available today. By challenging you to think outside the box and form words using only a small selection of randomly chosen letters, this intellectual board game presents a cranial challenge that few other games can provide. Word games are one of the best ways that you can both have fun and still exercise your brain. These types of games are very easily easy learned but can still provide a challenge for even the most expert players.

Many word games such as Scrabble are designed for two to four players seated around a board, that in many cases is designed, with making words as its main objective, Scrabble in particular has a number of blank spaces to hold lettered tiles. Some of the spaces on the board have special colors and markings, which can grant extra points to the player who first lays a tile on one of these spaces. The game begins by each player drawing seven different tiles out of the cloth bag to form their base of letters. With these seven letters, you will form the words, which will score you points on the game board. The player who goes first starts by laying down their first word on the board, using the exact center space of the board, which is generally marked with a star. This player will then score points based on the numerical values on each lettered tile along with any specially colored spaces on the game board, which denote extra points opportunities. At the end of a turn, the player will then pick new tiles out of the bag to return their number of tiles to seven.

Play then passes to the next player and you continue this routine, playing tiles and scoring points, with the simple exception that any new tiles placed on the board must be connected to a word already set, branching off one of the letters of that word much like a crossword puzzle. The game play will continue in this way, placing tiles and replacing letter tiles, until the cloth bag is empty. At this point, all players are stuck with the tiles left in their hand and the game continues until one player has successfully used all of the tiles in their hand.

At this point, the game is considered over and you will tally up all of the points in each player’s hand. Any tiles left in the hand of any players will be subtracted from their final score and added to the score of the player to first use all of their tiles. Once you calculate the final scores of all players, the winner is declared. As is demonstrated, the winner is not the first person to simply use all of their tiles, although this can provide a great advantage. The player who chose the best tiles and who figured out the best way to use them on the board is the one who wins, giving you the chance to determine your own fate in this exciting game.

The public knows Scrabble as one of the most intellectual but still fun games available today. If you were looking for a stimulating challenge that doesn’t take too much effort to learn, Scrabble would be a great place to begin. Good for children and adults alike, Scrabble can give you the mental boost that you are looking for. Another great word game played in the same vein is Upwords, where you will find that it also uses tiles that you must make words, with a few differences. Both bring you all the mind boggling excitement that you can only get from word games.

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures. You will find all these things and more if you visit scrabble, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures.

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Scrabble: How the World Came to Play Words

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Scrabble: How the World Came to Play Words, December, 2008 – The rule is simple. Search for words, select the right letter block, and send them straight to the board. Scrabble is the name of the game. Introduced in 1948, Scrabble continues to be the most popular word game with varied names such as Scramble, Skip-A-Cross, Spelofun, Palabras Cruzadas, Alfapet, Funworder, and Literati. The 15-by-15 grid game board is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. in US and Canada and of Murfett Regency in Australia but was acquired by the Mattel subsidiary J.W. Spear & Sons in 1993.

The sale of Scrabble is one hundred million sets and it is sold in 121 countries in 29 different language versions. Its popularity in America is highly visible as one out of three homes own a Scrabble board set.

The history of Scrabble dates back to 1938 and its creation was based on a previous word game called “Lexiko.” Although both Lexiko and Scrabble use the same set of letter tiles, Scrabble creator Alfred Mosher Butts made an advancement in the distribution and point values and included The New York Times as a reference source. Butts was initially able to manufacture the set, but was not able to sell the game to any major game manufacturers. When James Brunot bought the rights of Butts’ Criss-Crosswords game, he decided to alter the name of the game to “Scrabble,” which means “to scratch frantically.”

Scrabble went into the TV airwaves in 1984 when NBC turned the board game into a daytime game show that ran from July 1984 to March 1990 and from January to June 1993. And continues to be ever popularized through the annual World Scrabble Championship.

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Improving Your Skills to Optimize Your Scrabble Online Game Play

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Improving Your Skills to Optimize Your Scrabble Online Game Play

If you enjoy playing Scrabble Online, it is important to know and understand that there are several ways that you may improve your skills. By taking the time to optimize your skills, you will discover that you receive higher scores while playing this game both online and offline. Many individuals feel that Scrabble is nothing more than a word game. However, this could not be further from the truth. Scrabble is more than a word game or a spelling game; it is a game of skill and careful consideration. Throughout this guide, you will learn the ways that you will be able to enhance your skill set in this popular game.

When playing Scrabble Online, it is important to ensure that you take the time to learn the letters that many popular words start with and end with. By doing so, you will be able to sort the letters that contribute to the beginning and ending of words more easily from your rack. For example, you know that there are many words that start with the letters “UN” and “TH”. It is in your best interests as a player to keep these letter tiles in your rack and to place them on the left side of the rack. This ensures that you know that these tiles are for the beginning of words. In the same respect, you know that many words end in the letters of “ER” and the letter “S”. You will want to keep these tiles and place them on the right side of your rack. If you like playing games online you need to check out Scrabble Blast.

The next way to increase the amount of points that you acquire in Scrabble Online is to observe the words carefully that are on the board. It is important to remember that you may successfully add a letter or more to words that are already in play. For example, if the word “rook” is in play, you could add a “C” to the beginning and an “S” to the end in order to create the word “crooks”. These words are often referred to as “Hooks”. Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on any and all opportunities that are associated with the bonus squares that are included in the game. If you are able to play the hooks on the bonus squares, you will find that you are able to obtain an even higher score than you have on your best game in the past.

If you want to improve your skills in playing Scrabble Online, it is important that you learn a variety of words that contain a lot of vowels. Then, once you build up vowels in your rack, you are more likely to create many different words that will allow you the capability of earning quite a bit of points during game play. Examples of words that include a large number of vowels that could assist in increasing the amount of points that you have include those such as “Aeon”, “Ease”, “Eave”, “Bookie”, and “Aura”. As you can see, there are many different ways that you may successfully build up your skills in Scrabble Online in order to optimize the amount of points that you accumulate in the game.

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