Scrabble for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Review!

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My review of Scrabble for the iPad. Skip to the last 2 or 3 mins if you want to see how fun it is to link up a couple iPhones to the iPad and play “Party Mode” Scrabble. DEF worth the for all the neat features you get with it.

What Are The Best Apple iPad Apps?

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What Are The Best Apple iPad Apps?

The new iPad from Apple has recently hit the shelves and is selling fast. What are the best apps for the iPad? This article offers some suggestions.

There are hundreds of apps available for the iPad, many of which have been carried over from the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Here follows a brief description of 5 apps that look fantastic and are a great addition to the iPad.

If you enjoy comics, then the ‘Marvel Comics’ app is a beautiful comic book reader that gives access to a thrilling library of comics to read on your iPad. Marvel Comics include all the great superheroes such as Spiderman, Superman and Iron Man. The app is free but the comics need to be purchased.

Another great app for reading on your iPad is ‘iBooks’. The app gives you access to the iBookstore, which is a great way to download and read the latest and greatest books on your iPad. The ‘iBooks’ app stores all your books on an attractive bookshelf. You can browse your books, tap on one to open it and swipe to turn the pages. You can even bookmark your favourite pages. The app is free.

Board games look and feel great on the iPad. The ‘Scrabble’ app is a great choice if your looking for a stunning game to play. You can play against the computer or friends. You can even sync your iPod Touch or iPhone to use as a tile rack. It’s .

Another cool game for the iPad is the ‘Flight Control’ app. This game has proven to be very popular with the iPhone and this larger version fits very well on the iPad’s bigger screen. The idea is to land your planes by directing them into the airport with your finger without them crashing. It’s .

My last vote goes to iWorks. This is Apple’s iPad productivity program. It has been specifically tailored to the iPad’s strengths. There is a choice of Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Pages is Apple’s word processor. They are .99 each.

I hope these 5 short reviews have given you an insight into just some of the great apps available.

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Scrabble for iPad

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SCRABBLE Its the same board you know and love on the big iPad screen. But with iPad technology, SCRABBLE becomes a whole new game. Shake to shuffle tiles. Touch to zoom in and out on the board. And drag and drop to lay down letters. All you have to do is put words together — and iPad even helps you do that by giving you a hint for the best word. Play the way you want with customizable game rules and multiple difficulty levels. And follow your progress with game and score stats tracking. Visit SCRABBLE on the App Store

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Review of Words With Friends HD by

Apple iPad App Review – Words with Friends HD. If you like scrabble, then you will love this game, check out the review. Application publisher: Hardware manufacturer website: Sponsor: Check out more great reviews on my YouTube Channel: Or on the website:

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