Scrabble Download – Scrabble Review

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Scrabble Download – Scrabble Review

Still, ignoring this trait, the game can still be fun when playing against the computer. You still have that challenge every turn of trying to figure out the best thing you can play and in the best position, which I find to be a good deal of fun. It’s certainly nothing new, but it’s still fun.

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As far as extras are concerned, there’s a Training option that’ll let you play a series of small word games to get your brain churning. I found these to be amusing for about five minutes, and then I was ready to move on.

In addition to the classic rules, you can also play Slam or Speed rules Scrabble. Slam is completely different than the base game in that you have a series of letters and you see a word at the top of the screen.

You can replace one letter from that word with any of your tiles at a time, so if you have an “E” then you can change “Stop” to “Step”. This isn’t turn based, so the faster you can use your tiles, the better.

The Speed option uses the Classic rules, except that there’s a running timer. After the timer drains, you lose points over the course of your turn until you actually play something. Unless you like running against the clock or your friend takes forever to go, this mode probably won’t do anything for you.

The portable videogame version of Scrabble doesn’t really offer a whole lot that you can’t just get from the board game, except that being able to play it on the road is a very nice thing as you don’t need to deal with wooden tiles.

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The single-player portion leaves a lot to be desired thanks to the shady AI, though it’s still good practice. Multiplayer can be a lot of fun though, and that’s really the whole point anyway.

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