Microsoft Word Within The Home Environment

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Microsoft Word Within The Home Environment

We all know there are numerous ways in which Microsoft Word can help us in the workplace, but there are also many ways in which Word can help you manage your home life.

Writing Letters

However much you try and avoid it there are times when a phonecall or e-mail is not enough and you are required to put a complaint or query in writing. In such circumstances a handwritten letter just does not create the right impression. There are many letter templates available in Word which can be used as a basis when writing this type of formal letter. Storing your letters electronically also gives you the advantage of being able to keep a record of exactly what was sent without having to laboriously copy everything out or take it to be photocopied.

Details for Housesitting

When you go away on holiday you may well have a friend or neighbour on call to keep an eye on the house in your absence. Often the note you leave them, giving them important imformation and instructions, is little more than an illegible scrawl produced at the last minute as you walk out the door. Microsoft Word can be used to draw up an instruction list containing, for example, the locations of each houseplant and how often they should be watered, and when and what to feed your various pets. A schedule of contact details can also be included providing information of how you can be contacted together with how to get in touch with other services, for example the vet, which may be required. This can be stored on your computer and so easily amended as details change. Also, if you have more than one housesitter, it can be easily copied.

Preparing Invitations

Microsoft Word can also help you with the more fun elements of your life. For example, you can use it to create eyecatching invitations for dinner or birthday parties. With facilities available to scan in photographs and drawings and a vast array of formatting options and font styles to hand it is easy to make your invitations truly unique. For those really big events where people may be travelling from further afield, you can add maps and lists and contact details for accommodation in the area.

Producing Newsletters

There are some people you only get round to contacting at Christmas, by which time you have a whole year’s news to try and fit into one small Christmas card. Microsoft Word is a handy tool which enables you to produce a newsletter which can be put in with the cards. Word has the facilities available to allow you to easily add photographs or even scanned in drawings or documents that your children have created. You can produce a base document as a template and then add personalised messages before printing each one out.

The above are just a few examples of the many ways in which Microsoft Word can enhance your home life, improving the way you communicate with others and helping you stay in touch with family and friends.

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Few notes on environment – friendly printing

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Few notes on environment – friendly printing

The main purpose in people’s life should be saving the earth. You can save the world by utilizing products like printers, papers, ink which are friendly to the environment. As you all know that tons and tons of trees are being chopped off for making papers which is bad for environment. You can save trees by using recycle papers. The quality of this paper is not that good when compared to virgin papers. But the lifestyle and technology in this century have changed the mind of people a lot regarding the friendliness for the environment. Printing industries are considered to be the most unsafe industry. These consume lot of energy and water and also pollute the air and water with dangerous toxins.

These industries use petroleum ink which produces carbon emission gas from it. Inhaling of this gas can cause you problems like asthma. They are the major cause for damaging the environment by polluting the air with poisonous gas. These also cause the volatile organic compounds which contaminate the soil and underground water. So instead of this ink try to use eco – friendly inks (soy or vegetable ink) which is extracted from natural environment. The soy ink is extracted form soya and the quality of color is better than normal printer color. You can refill your printer cartridge ink than spending extra money on new one.  

Green printer is a form of printing objects and words with friendly colors and papers. This printing saves time, currency and also the subsistence cost of the printer. Printing uses a lot of energy, so print when you feel it is necessary. Global warming can be saved if you publish on both sides. These printers are very costly but are very good for investment. The printing industry utilize on an average of 35,000 liters of water everyday.

If you really want to save the globe then stop using non friendly printers. That’s because these are free from all kinds of chemical composition. Now the technology and science has improved a lot in past 10 to 15 years. But there are still many people who fail to see the need of these printers. Why don’t people take advantage of these technologies and save the world from global warming? For example you can find most of the books on net which are known as e – book. You can easily read the whole book on computer than spending money and damaging the environment. When the non recycled papers are burned, methane gas is produced in the air. This gas is very poisonous and dangerous for plants and trees and even for human beings which again brings us to destroying environment. So wake up and save the environment before it’s too late.

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