Friend is a Four Letter Word

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Check out these words with friends images:

Friend is a Four Letter Word

words with friends

Image by Disco in the Nunnery

It’s been really foggy and stupid lately :P My mom made me go out and practice my driving and it was a big waste of time. I didn’t even come back with any good pictures. See how horrible my life is?!

Canon EOS Rebel XSi
EF 28-135mm IS USM (whatever that means) @ 28
0.5 seconds at f/16
ISO 100
Dirty UV Filter (dang it!)
The Tripod

Today is our first day of Winter Break. Yay….!!!!!
This morning I ran a 5K race with my friend, but since they’re a slow friend I ran it slow too ;-) Afterwards I took a dip in our freshly fixed hot tub. Needless to say it was awesome.

Well enough about me, how about you guys? Anybody want something for Christmas? I know a couple elves that I could talk into getting you what you want. Even if you’re on the naughty list ;-) Haha, I’m hoping to see a Canon Rebel T1i under my tree for Christmas. Although I don’t have very high hopes for that ever happening…

- Photoshop
Adjustments in Camera Raw
Nik Color Efex Pro “Polarization” for the sky (Wish I had an actual polarizer)
Hue/Saturation (yellows) for the buoy thing.
Brightness/Contrast for everything but the water
Just a bit of dodging and burning.
Unsharp mask

All comments, critique, advice, suggestions, flaming, trolling, n00b questions, and miscellaneous folly are (as always) welcome.
But I ignore group invites unless you give me that handy little ‘Ok, add it’ button.

Friendster or Foe

words with friends

Image by Chris Pirillo

Millions of fans poured into the streets in celebration late last week, when the social networking megasite was awarded a patent on managing real-life relationships. Until now, relationships have been difficult to maintain – with no effective friendship tool firmly in place. With the Friendster patent, suddenly that task has become a lot less daunting. No longer will the phone break-up suffice; people must now go through Friendster to start and stop any kind of relationship. Friendster executives, knowing what’s best for humankind, have vowed to sue the pants off of any friend who thinks they can manage friends without going through Friendster – this includes every aspect of any friendship, either online or in the living room. On the same day, Friendster announced joint ventures with leading dictionary publishers to officially change the spelling of the word "friend" to "friendster" just to show how serious they are about running your friendships.

Source: Friendster
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Collage frame Johanna

words with friends

Image by Lauren Manning

This was a rarity for me…I made the same project twice although certainly not with the same pictures. I modge podged pictures off of flickr again for this frame and used some of the same ones and some different ones. The word friends is made with pink rub ons on this frame and there are silver rhinestones…of course :)


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