POGO 2 Pack: Phlinx Deluxe + Word Whomp Deluxe

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POGO 2 Pack: Phlinx Deluxe + Word Whomp Deluxe

  • Group 3 or more stones. Release special stones to earn tokes and dazzling power-ups. Collect gold icons to release the god’s spirit.
  • Captivating puzzle action perfect for the entire family. Majestic desert landscapes, mysterious hieroglyphs
  • Discover the origin of the Phlinx – complete game rounds to reveal chapters of the legend. Create words with your six letters.
  • Fast paced anagram game, three ways to play. Huge dictionary, with hints from the gophers
  • Perfect for everyone in the family, including young whompers working on their word skills. Whomp like a pro and earn a bushel of Tokens.

Discover the Origin of the Phlinx in this ancient Egyptian puzzle game. Challenge mystery and treasure in the land of the ancients! Group three or more stones collect ancient icons and play like a Pharoah to earn tokens. Release special stones to earn tokens and dazzling power-ups. Bring Egyptian gods to life in the fast paced Action Mode. Complete game rounds to reveal the legend of the Phlinx!
Non-stop action and rewards! Fun for the whole family! Solve the mystery of the ‘Phlinx’ — complete

List Price: $ 21.99

Price: $ 12.89

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