Hasbro Word Whomp Touch Screen Pocket Pogo

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Hasbro Word Whomp Touch Screen Pocket Pogo

  • Word Whomp Pocket Pogo features touch-screen action, try Word Whomp, Hangman, Shuffle and Mystery Word
  • The sleek and compact design of the Word Whomp Touch Screen Pocket Pogo Game means that you can play word games anywhere and everywhere you go
  • Slide out the stylus and play 4 different games on each of these Ultra handheld platforms
  • Earn badges and coins offline, and then redeem them later online, proudly display your trophy badges on your profile
  • Earn up to a million coins for your account with each of these game Ultras
  • And, 30 days of play at Pogo.com is included with your purchase

Touch Screen Word Whomp is four challenging word game adventures in one:
Word Whomp – Find words within words. Guess the secret word for a bonus!
Hangman – Solve the mystery word by guessing the right letters.
Shuffle – Unscramble words by swapping two letters at a time.
Mystery Word – Guess the mystery word with 2 clues and a 5-letter lead.
Touch Screen Word Whomp measures about 4″ x 3″ with a 2 1/4″ x 1 3/4″ screen and comes with two styluses. Rules a

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List Price: $ 21.99

Price: $ 19.99

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